Tuesday, 23 June 2015


In this blog I thought I would tell you the things I do to relax and chill out. These are the things I do everyone who suffers with spasm's will have there own different things they do which I would love to know what your tips are aswel so comment below or tweet me.

The biggest thing I do to relax is to get into my comfy clothes shorts and a t shirt and to get into bed, I can not express how comfy I am the minute I get into bed I can feel my back muscles relaxing minute by minute and anyone who suffers will know when they are on the comedown from a spasm it is so nice and relaxing.

Another great thing what makes me relax is to go out for a drive I forget about my Dystonia when I am driving once again my back relaxes the minute I get into the driving seat. I have even asked my doctor why I am so comfortable when I am driving and he said people with Parkinson's also find comfort when driving as your brain is so focussed on driving it forgets your have dystonia which is fantastic.

Taking a bath is a fantastic way to relax as it is for most people, the water is really relaxing and you can really feel your spasms calming down when you have a bath. You seem when your in a bath your forget about your movements and you just lay back and relax which is a real comfort after a hard day of spasm's and pain.

Another great comfort for me is talking to my gorgeous partner Hollie when we are just chilling before we go to sleep we always have a little chat about something and that really relaxes me and she is the one person that can also relax me in shops when I hold her hand I feel like I have got someone looking out for me which is mentally so good to stop spasms and jolting.

If you have any great tips I would love you know comment down below or drop me a tweet @myroylefamily

Thank you once again for every single person who reads my blogs it means a lot for me

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  1. Hey Adam, It's fabulous to see your contribution to dystonia awareness! I've added a link to your blog to the sidebar of Chronicles Of A Dystonia Muse. Check it out here: www.dystoniamuse.com. -Pamela-