Monday, 15 June 2015


It wasn't long after I started driving that I got pulled over one night only because I was out driving late. I knew there was an unmarked police car behind me as I have always been good at remembering cars and number plates haha. I had a feeling this knob was going to pull me over as he was right up my arse.

About 2 minutes later I saw the blue lights flash on so I pulled over at the side of the road. I knew he didn't have any reason to pull me over as all my lights were on and I was taxed and insured. He walked up to my door and I had already pulled my window down in anticipation, this was the first time I had been pulled over so I was nervous and Anxious and with Dystonia when you get Anxious you shake! so the time he pulled me I was already Anxious and a little nervous to what I had done.

He came to my window and the first thing he said wasn't Hello or good evening it was, Have you taken anything tonight, I replied and said what sorry as I really didn't understand what he was asking me to be honest then he said it. HAVE YOU TAKEN ANY DRUGS TONIGHT!

I replied very quickly as I was very offended with no I have a condition, his next line was can you take a seat in my car please being blind to what I had just said. I carry a card around with me in my wallet explaining what I have in my head and chest so I showed him this and I think he knew then I was being honest. I explained I never drink or have never taken anything in fact I have never even tried a cigarette!

He was desperate to pull something up on me when he asked to have a look in my car but eventually he had to let me go without getting me for anything. As I drive away I thought how ignorant is the world that the first thing you think when you see a head shake is that oh is he or she on bed.

The world needs to change its attitude against conditions as people have them and that is never going to change. People are fine to ask questions but you should never ever judge someone to think they are pissed or on drugs!!!

Thank you all for RT this blog and spreading the word about this rare condition

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