Monday, 1 June 2015


I have to confess I have never really been a family kind of guy till I met Hollie, My dad worked away a lot when I was a teenager and I didn't live with my mum so I never really understood what a family was to be honest.

I had to just get on with it on my own and if I was struggling I just had to deal with it on my own, I never ever thought I would ever get a girl friend until Hollie came into my life and changed everything, She was so caring and gorgeous I couldn't believe my luck to be honest I fell in love with her from the minute I met her and I knew she was the girl for me.

She was my first ever girlfriend so I had never experienced getting to know a brand new family and Hollie is very close to her mum and dad and I have never really been close to anyone before so it was all new to me all this family stuff.

I remember the first time I met her mum and dad (Carole and Stewart) or Jim and Barbara ( I will tell you about that soon ) they went away on holiday so I went to Hols to stay with her, the day when they were coming home I was going to leave before they got home as I was so nervous in meeting them. I didn't get that chance as I was just about to go move my car and in walked Carole and said "where do you think you're going" and I was off back to sit on the couch.

I was so nervous for the first half hour or so and I could really feel my shakes so I knew everyone could see them aswel. After a bit I started to relax a little as we started chatting I knew Hol had told them about my condition so they knew how I was but it's like anyone you meet at first no one knows what dystonia is.

I couldn't believe how at ease I felt after a while and I started to talk more. We stayed for well over 2 hours just talking Hols dad talked about what he did as a job which I found really interesting. Carole was fussing around the kitchen asking if I wanted anything but I was still too nervous to have a drink in front of them as I knew I would be shaky.

I will tell you more about my new family in the next few blogs :)

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