Wednesday, 3 June 2015

DYSTONIA: My Tips On Anxiety

Anxiety is one of them conditions which not many people understand or notice. It is not a physical one so no one can understand when you explain your worries or problems.

I have googled so many time how to fix my problem or tips to improve to problem but every single tip on places like the NHS website is absolute shit! I'm sorry but its true the people who write these articles for websites and books 99% have never had Anxiety or any medical conditions. I really do think these tips and stuff are just copied from books and half of that is bullshit!

I will be honest and say I don't have a clue how to solve Anxiety and these little tips might not help you or you might not feel comfortable with these but these are the ones I try to do to stop people hating on me and saying nasty comments behind my back.

1. I always when i go out in public i always try and dress smart. I always try and wear shirt and pants where ever I go, myself always think people look smart when they dress that way so that's why I think I do it. It should not matter what you wear in public and deep down I know that but it really does help me combat the stairs and the talks behind the backs.

2. Going for a drive always relaxes me and I always feel so calm and relaxed when I am just driving I forget I even have Dystonia and that is just the best feeling ever, I feel pain in my back just from walking from my front door to the car but the minute I get into the car and turn the key everything what is painful just disappears and I would love to know what that feels like for a full day but I know I will never feel what relief is for the full day.

3. I don't have any friends at all I have not even got 1 friend, Hol my partner tho is the greatest person I have ever met in the world I sometimes think what did I do before I met her as when I am not with her now I am a wreck. When I out in public with her she gives me so much confidence and I feel like I can be proud in public as I have this Gorgeous girl on my arm which makes me so happy every single day!

4. Always be yourself, I can confess to not doing that for years but since meeting Hol i think I am getting better at just not faking who I am and just being accepted for what I have got. Everyone with a  condition will get mad and pissed off with themselves some days and will even hate themselves sometimes but it's the days where you have a good day is the days where you have the cherish and be grateful for being alive.

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