Friday, 19 June 2015


I was heavily bullied at my first primary school which was awful, St Joseph's was one of the worst few months of my life everyone turned on me even the teachers couldn't care about what the other little bullies was doing to me. After mum and dad refused to send me back to that school it was time to find a new school.

I think they were nervous about a new school as my condition was getting worse and the doctors still never had a clue what was going on. They decided to send me to a school in Bowerham,Lancaster called St Bernadets another catholic school. I remember my first day I was so nervous it was untrue, my first day I met all my class mates and my teacher she was a little irish women called mrs Lambert she was really sweet and nice which was so much different to my old school as every teacher did not care about who or what I was. The first couple of days I began to make friends for the first time in my life everyone in the class couldn't care about the way I walked just who I was.

I met a pair of twins called Tim and Joe and we got on straight away they were friends with 2 other lads called Joseph and Daniel, we instantly became really good friends and played together. Everyone in the class got on with me and I was one of the popular ones for the first time ever and it felt nice.

The head teacher was called Mrs Hesketh and she was great she was very kind and friendly all the teachers were very nice and welcoming.

I will do a couple more blogs about my primary school over the next couple of weeks as I have a few nice stories about my time at St Bernadets

Thank you all for RT this blog and spreading the word about this rare condition

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