Wednesday, 8 July 2015

DYSTONIA: Sport has saved me from boredom

I have been threw so many operations and bad times throughout all my life and before I met Hollie all I had to keep me sane was sport, I wish I could have played as I know I would have been good I have so much knowledge about most sports. I love the rules and stats but it will always kill me that I can never play a sport because of Dystonia.

I manage a round of golf now and again on my own but afterwards I am aching for about 2 days but I enjoy just walking round steady and sitting on the benches for a breather now and again. That's the most I get out of sport, I watch so many sports and I am so good at reading the game and the statistic I would have loved to get into coaching of some kind.

It frustrates me not to see any disabled sports coaches in sport as you still have the brain to think about things but no one believes that and everyone expects everyone to be perfect now a days.

I got into sport in 2005 when I started having my Deep brain stimulation operations and I had a lot of time to myself and not going to school made time to read the rules and regulations on sports like Football,cricket and tennis and I love watching all them sports now a days.

Over the years without anybody around me I only had sport in my life before Hollie came along and now she is my number one Love.

You need a hobby and a very good hobby when you have a condition like Dystonia which takes up so much of your life as you are in pain or your back is spasming a lot you have to have things to get threw the day and make your life a little brighter.

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