Sunday, 12 July 2015


Me and Hollie absolute love going up to Scotland on holiday, We both have our hearts on moving into the highlands over the next few years if things go our way in life and we get a good break.

We have been up to Scotland 3 times for holidays and we are never happier than driving threw Scotland, everyone in Scotland where we have been, have been so nice and friendly and we love how accepting they are. We live in Lancaster at the minute and people are horrible around here, Everyone judges and people say nasty things or look at your strange when you walk past but in Scotland they seem more accepting and take you for you and not what you look like or how you walk which is fantastic.

We have travelled nearly everywhere there is in Scotland and we love everywhere we have been, we do a lot of driving on holiday as I can't walk to far but Hol loves being a passenger and taking in the surroundings and I love driving in Scotland the roads are fantastic to drive on.

We have planned our biggest holiday so far in January we are going to 3 different places in 3 weeks and we both can not wait to get up there and it is always more special when we go in January as that is because I asked her out 4 years ago in January and its been the best question I have every asked anyone, My birthday is on the day I asked her out aswel but I always celebrate going out with Hol more than my Birthday as I have never been big on Birthdays, 18th January will always be a special day for the rest of our lives as it will always be the day where I found my best friend and my life partner which will get me through the good,bad and the ugly in life.

Scotland will always have a special place in our lives forever as I asked Hollie to marry me in February this year when we was on Holiday and she said yes and I cried for ages I was just so overjoyed and was one of the happiest days in my life.

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  1. Had to comment on this one as I absolutely love Scotland - though I haven't been for years and years. First visited when I was a college student studying in London and the memories are vivid to this day- Edinborough, Stirling, Balloch, Balmaha. I've also been to the Highlands. Scotland is truly one of the most magical places on earth, lucky you living so close. xxx -Pamela-