Monday, 4 May 2015



Dystonia is such a hard condtion to explain to you, you have some fantastic days then you have some really shit days...I'm being honest.

It's hard when you go out in public and people stare and talk behind your back about how your walking or the way your sitting in a chair. When people look at me and I catch them I feel embarrassed about the way I am but in the back of my mind I think fuck you but deep down every stare hurts and it will always get to me.

When children stare you have to understand that they are young and probably don't understand what is right and wrong but what really gets me upset is when adults stare and talk behind your back. People are so ignorant when it comes condition's at the end of the day everyone is he same we all have feelings!!!

If you are one of the people who stare I understand because it's a natural thing to do and everyone stares once in a while I admit I have stared but the minute I do I hate myself as I know what it feels like to be stared at!

The condition is so complicated and is so unknown to even the experts well so called experts, I have a very bad experience with doctors and hospitals and I will write a blog or two in the next few days about it.

I will be writing more often now as I want to get back to writing my feelings down.

Please comment if you have had any experiences of people staring comment I would love to hear from you.

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