Tuesday, 26 May 2015

DYSTONIA: Going To The Dentist Is A Real Task!

Today I had my dreaded dentist appointment, many people don't like the dentist but I get anxious about it for days and days. I woke up this morning and I was worrying that much I was sick, My tooth was in agony so I knew I had to go.

From the nearest car park it is a 400 yard walk which is like walking 5 miles for me I was shaking and my back was in a severe spasm. It took me over 10 minutes to walk that distance and once I had managed to get to the door of the dentist I was sweating.

My head was shaking so bad and I was struggling to get my words out to the receptionist. I struggled as I walked up the stairs worrying about how many people was going to be round the corner in the waiting room waiting to stare and look at me as I sat down.

I finally got to a chair and I was so uncomfortable it was painful. I was waiting for around 15 minutes which seemed like about 2 hours. My name got called out and I struggled to walk through to the room, Once I got into the dentist chair I was shaking and getting so anxious.

My dentist has known me for many years so he is very understanding when it comes to my condition, I really do feel for him when he's working on me as it cant be easy when your head is moving all over the place. It took over half an hour to do the work in which he said he usually does in around 10 minutes but he was very happy and calm about the situation.

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