Friday, 15 May 2015



In June 2006 my life changed forever, I met Professor Gill down at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol who was a Neurologist and offered me a life changing operation called Deep brain stimulation. This was a huge risk as I was only 12, I must admit i was a little nervous but I was looking forward to the 3 months I had off school haha.

I remember my dad taking me down on the Tuesday morning with my operation planned for the Wednesday morning. The operation was going to be over 2 days, On the Wednesday I had to go under for 5 hours so they could fit the frame which was a series of screws bolted into my head, I remember waking up from the first surgery and I couldn't move my head as there was a metal frame around my head. I remember that night like it was yesterday it was the most painful night of my life, you could feel the bolts screwed into your head and I didn't get any sleep I was exhausted but I was looking forward to getting the 8 hour operation over and done with on the Thursday.

Thursday afternoon I woke up in recovery and I felt like I had been hit by a truck the pain was so intense I really can not begin to tell you how it felt, I was on morphine for days as I really believed the pain would not stop. The only thing what kept me going was getting home and watching the cricket all summer and trust me when you feel in that much pain you need to set yourself a goal to keep you going.

I remember getting through the weekend and I was desperate in getting home I stopped taking any pain killers to try and get home quicker as I strongly believe you always recover better at home.

A week after the operation I was discharged and I was on the way home I never really had much to eat for the full week in hospital as I hate hospital food so I was starving so first stop was McDonald's I loved my dad so much at that second when that food was bought haha I shoved it down my throat so quick it was literally one of the best moments ever!!!

The recovery was very slow, I couldn't believe how much i slept throughout the next 2 months I was falling asleep every couple of hours which was so strange to get my head around but I felt so weak for so many weeks. I managed to stay awake for most of the cricket throughout the summer which I enjoyed so much!

I will be starting to post more about my life in the next few days and weeks so keep a look out for new blogs.



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