Friday, 22 May 2015

DYSTONIA: Trying To Live Life To The Max!

I have always tried to look positive throughout my life with Dystonia which sometimes is very hard to deal with when there is some very horrible people of there in the world.

I have always been on my own throughout my childhood I never really had any friend's but I was always happy as I taught myself to be happy with my own company, don't get me wrong I often get fustrated with the world and scream out loud WHY ME why not the person next door or the person who has just stared at me but every time I think that there is something in my mind what says be proud and embrace the way you are.

Maybe it is easier when you are born with a condition so you adapt as time goes by and you learn to do things your way. That in itself is sometimes a embarrassment as you adapt different to all the rest so everyone looks at you strange but in the back of your mind that is the right way to go.

Anybody who walks, talks or looks different to everyone else is not disabled they are just unique, Personally I strongly believe no one in this world is disabled and every person has a part to play in this world and everyone needs to believe in there selves and if you want it go and get it!!!

I just want to say thank you for the small amount of people who will read this, I don't get many views but the ones I do get really makes me happy and I hope you are enjoying my blog.

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