Thursday, 28 May 2015


In this blog I am going to write about my gorgeous partner, her name is Hollie. 

I am being honest when I say she has saved my life and made my life complete. We don't have much money or we can't do a lot of things couples do at 21 and 20 but we just work! 

I don't have a clue sometimes why she is with me when I get pissed off with my condition and get into moods when I am shaky and I break something or hurt myself (Which is a lot of the time) 

We have been together for 2 and half years and it has been the best 2 years I have ever had. My condition is at one of the worst stages it has been but meeting Hol has just made everything so much better. I now have someone who is not bothered if I am having a bad day or having a shaky day she just does not care and that is why I love her so much! 

I was so nervous when I met her for the first time as my condition was quiet bad at the time so my confidence wasn't good at all. I remember driving along Morecambe promenade and I just was driving in silence praying my Dystonia didn't play up and I wasn't too shaky for when I picked her up. 

I arrived outside her house and my nerves was like nothing I had ever had before but it was more like butterflies then she appeared from her door, from the moment I met her I knew she was the one for me and my nerves just suddenly vanished as she got into my car. We went for a drive for our first ever date as I couldn't go into anywhere to have a meal or go to the cinema which I felt sorry for her as I knew everyone our age did things like that. I did explain my condition during text as I was too nervous to tell her face to face as I was so scared of what she would say. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT WHEN IT DID NOT BOTHER HER!!! I was the happiest man in the world when she text back and from that moment I knew she was the one for me. 

She is just so amazing and I could not live without this women in my life and I don't know if she reads this but can I just say thank you Hol for changing my life from Shit to perfect, All because you have come into my life 


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