Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I was five when the inevitable happened, I had to accept I could no longer walk anywhere outside the family home, I could hardly get up and down the stairs some days so that was the start of the wheelchair years.

   I remember my first ever wheelchair measuring at Lancaster Royal Infirmary, I felt so defeated whilst getting measured up for this chair, the woman what was doing all the measurements was such a patronizing person she was saying stuff like " so why can't you walk " and " you looking forward to your new wheelchair ".

To some people reading this you might be thinking this was a freedom ticket and I could finally get out and go places with my family but that was the last thing I was thinking!

It took 8 weeks for my wheelchair to come I did not pick any cool colors or any items which you could have added i just chose a standard black wheelchair, why would I want to stand out as i already stood out as I wasn't walking like the rest of the place.

Half a year after getting my wheelchair we went on holiday to Cornwall,Devon for a week and by then I could not walk even to the end of the drive way so I was wheelchair dependent. My dad always pushed me round I don't think my Mum particularly liked pushing a wheelchair but my dad did not mind as long as we was together.

The worse thing I have ever heard and it is still the worst thing I have ever heard was when we was on that holiday in the town center when this old women started shaking her head and tutting at me, By then I was shaking and was moving around a lot and i was getting more uncomfortable sitting in my wheelchair and I will always remember she came up and said to my dad "Do you really think someone like that should be out in public" My dad hit the roof at this women and loads of people started to notice there was some commotion and after a long argument things cooled down and she walked away. I would love to meet that woman now and give her a real piece of my mind to what I think of her.

And that was the first of many comment's and stares I was about to get for the next 7 years.

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