Monday, 7 December 2015


Sorry these blogs today have been very short, we have had no power once again tonight till late as the generators stopped working before for around 5 hours which once again put everywhere in complete darkness.

It's back as I type this at 11pm and fingers crossed it will stay on now till they get the sub station back up and running.

The devastation around Lancaster is unbelievable, I am still in shock after driving threw the city centre this morning and to see where the water has actually has come up to is amazing it has just wiped right threw the middle of town.

The good news is the bridges have both opened now so at least the traffic will be a little easier as you can get in and out of Lancaster easier than before. The worry is towards the end of the week the rain is set to come in again and there is weather warnings in place.

My Dystonia is not the best at the moment as I have not slept much since Friday night as we have been up most of the time. Dystonia is very hard to cope with when you have little sleep you become very edgy and aggravated at the slightest thing and it's not nice for Hollie sometimes as I get into little moods but I don't mean to. I am planning on going to sleep the minute this is posted and getting a better nights sleep (fingers crossed)

I will be back up writing better and longer Blogs hopefully tomorrow.

Take care and lets hope all the flood victims get sorted ASAP!


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