Saturday, 5 December 2015


Welcome to Blogmas day 5 I hope you enjoying reading theses daily Blogs:


I am finding my sleeping patten a bit strange at the moment, I am not going to sleep till around 1am and getting up around 7am so I am getting around 6 hours sleep a night, I know this isn't enough but I just can't get comfy or I get things running threw my mind and start thinking about things.

Other night I fell asleep at 8pm and had a couple of hours woke up for an hour then went back to sleep all in all I had about 11/12 hours sleep and I still felt the same the next day. The way my body is in spasm all the time at the moment it's so hard to get calm and comfy and when you wake up the next morning it feels like you have had a full work out.

When I wake up my body feel's so tired I can hardly move my legs some mornings I am like an old machine which needs a few minutes to get started in the morning, I get frustrated how I am at the moment as I dread waking up and having to deal with the tired legs and all the ache's and pains. Once you get going you get a bit more relaxed but then suddenly something happens and you get a big twinge or a spasm and you're back to square one and you're in pain and aching again.

I am not able to do much at the moment which is frustrating and I am trying to keep busy around the house as I am not going out much as I get so tired when I do most things, There is a red weather warning around the north west where we live today and the weather is awful today the wind and rain is terrible so today is just a day to film a few Fifa video's and chill out as I don't think it's stopped raining in a week or so.

I am enjoying have a little write everyday during Blogmas and I have many more little blogs to come

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