Tuesday, 8 December 2015


The power once again has been limited today in and around Lancaster which has made things difficult again to communicate and get online, the rain has eased off for the past 48 hours which is a blessing for the roads and the bridges have re-opened so traffic is back to normal now.

After the last few days I can not wait to get away in January back to Scotland we have booked this time for 3 weeks, we have only ever been for a week at a time so it’s going to be strange not thinking about packing back up on the Friday night ready to check out on Saturday as we are stopping at one of our favourite places for 2 weeks then heading to another house we have rented up near Wick, I hope the snow keeps away as I hate driving in snow and I have never drove in snow in Scotland before. 

We are also going back up 2 weeks after we get back for another 2 weeks in February which once again we can’t wait for. It is really a matter of when and not if about moving up there now and fingers crossed our dream will come true this time next year. Both me and Hollie love it up there and every time we go up it is getting to feel more like our home to spend the rest of our lives together up there. 

The biggest problem we have and it’s a nice problem is we don’t know which part of Scotland to move to, we want to be not around houses and have neighbours. I would also love a bit of land to walk around in with no body around to judge how you’re walking and no one will know if you’re having a bad day or a good day which I just can’t wait for!

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