Wednesday, 2 December 2015



Haircuts might seem just the normal thing in life but when you have a condition like Dystonia it makes a simple trim into a dreaded trim.

I have always struggled with getting my hair cut for as long as I can remember, when I was very young I had someone come round to my home to cut my hair as we all thought it would make the process a lot easier let me tell you it didn't! Her name was Louise and she's gone onto opening her own shop and is doing very well she still recognises me if I ever see her and says hi. Sometimes I used to have to get into a headlock to get my haircut and after the cut my body was exhausted and it took hours for my body to come out of spasm. My next barber was Charlie a wonderful man with lots of patience for my spasms he had Skerton barbers and my dad had been going there for a while before he started taking me, it was very hard sitting in a barbers chair every time it moved another shake came on, it took almost twice as long as anyone else who had theirs cut, we always made sure we was there for around 15 minutes before it opened to try and get first in, on some occasions sometimes there was already a couple of people waiting outside, when that was the case my heart just dropped I could feel my self startling to get spasm and starting to sweat, only in the last couple of years have I realised that these were in fact Anxiety attacks but at that age I had never heard of such things, this carried on for about 6 years every couple of months the dreaded hair cut and after a week at school and my body just shattered I just couldn't handle it. When I was around 11/12 my mum started cutting it but by that stage I had my deep brain stimulation inserted and now my head had scars and wires and bumps on it, she did her best but the patience was never there like most of the time.

I only started to get more relaxed when Hollie came into my life and she started to cut my hair and wow she does a fantastic job she keeps as cool as a cucumber whilst I move around and Moan about this scar and that wire she just take no notice and gets the job done and she really make getting the simple task of getting my hair cut actually simple again!


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