Monday, 7 December 2015


Sorry I couldn't post a blog yesterday, I live in Lancaster in the UK, Some of you will have heard and seen reports on the TV and radio about our area being flooded.

Saturday day time it did not stop raining for a single second, it wasn't just the rain what was causing problems it was the wind as well they said on the radio we was having up to 80MPH winds and outside was very very wet!

It was very bad outside but we was safe and warm inside the house till around 11pm on Saturday night when all of a sudden all the electric went off and that was it till this morning, the bridges to Lancaster were both closed as a container had floated from somewhere and smashed into the bridges and caused damage so the traffic was just mayhem! 

About midnight that same night we discovered a leak in the ceiling in the hall way, it was leaking in as the rain was battering the front of the house that was it was coming threw the ceiling, we rushed to try and mop it up and cause to further damage but on Sunday morning we had to take the ceiling down and the damage had been done! 

Being without power for so long was also worrying for my Boston charger which charges my Deep Brain Stimulator up, as I type this it is still charging up and I hope that it has not been damaged as it has not been on charge for a full 36 hours.

Luckily they have brought generators in from around the country to get the power back on as on Sunday morning they had said it might not have been on till Wednesday which would have been even more of a nightmare. 

This weekend will always be remembered as one of the worst ever around these parts of the country and my thoughts go out to all the people who have lost their possessions on their homes as part of the floods.

I will be uploading another Blog later today as this one I am counting as yesterdays 

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