Thursday, 6 August 2015


Well I must say this week has been shit!

I have been in so much pain all week and everything I seem to do its ending in a disaster, the week did not start well as you will know from my previous blog about my appointment at Salford on Monday with my so called doctor which I am beginning to question as I think he is out of he depth with my Boston system as I am the only one who has it there, He has not even checked the setting in over 8 months or tweaked it and I am in so much pain, he just does not give a shit and I am getting so frustrated with the whole NHS system!

Tuesday didn't go well when I fell down the stairs at home my knee is swollen now and is in a lot of pain so obviously not helping my walking as I have pain now every time I walk.

I must admit I am really down this week as nothing is going my way at all as on Wednesday I bust my skin again on my left leg as I fell over once again so I have a big cut going across my shin now which once again is causing me so much pain.

I am struggling to get comfy in bed at night no matter how a lie or sit up my back is in massive spasm's all the time my right side is really bent over and that is causing my back to hurt more than what it usually does.

This week I just want it to end as I am so down in the dumps I just don't know where to turn next it's just becoming unbearable the pain but what can I do Salford do not want to help me so I really don't know how I am going to get back to life which is bearable.

Thank you all for reading my blog and tweeting my @myroylelife


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  1. Hey Adam, any chance you can ask for a second opinion? Maybe a different neurologist or even a different clinic?