Monday, 17 August 2015


Its going to be my partners birthday tomorrow, this is the third birthday we have spent together and we are stronger than ever, we have been threw so much throughout the last 3 years with my condition.

It has been a hard first 8 months of this year with battling with this horrible condition, We have not been out too much to places this year apart from the odd drive out but we don't ever go out to big shops really, Hol though does not mind as long as we call at a pets at home on our journey somewhere to buy something for out Guinea pigs that is the only shop she ever wants to go to and we always want all the animals they have on sale.

For her birthday we are going away for a couple of nights to Wales tomorrow which we are both looking forward to as it gives us time away and time to relax and we love going to new places and driving new roads.

This is only a little blog to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOL and I love you and thank you so much for sticking by me threw all these hard times and I will always love you and I promise I will work hard to try and get better and get threw these hard times.

You will have an amazing birthday as you are an amazing person and your the best ever!!!
Love you forever and always.

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