Saturday, 22 August 2015


There are many supermarkets in the UK and I have been in most round where I live but ASDA have disgusting workers they are so disrespectful and they look at you like you are strange or weird when you walk past them a little bit different to the other person.

I was in a little one in Morecambe the other day and I was not having the greatest day so I was a little shaky, I was with Hol and she always tries to calm me and hold my hand, the minute I walked in I spotted she was staring at us but we carried on to get some bits.

She was on the self service bit just standing around doing nothing! (apart from staring) I was starting to feel so uncomfortable and I was starting to shake and spasm more and more as you do when you feel under pressure, Hol my partner was getting angry aswel as she spotted her looking aswel and she wanted to say something to her but she didn't as she just wanted to get me out of there.

The biggest thing that annoys me if that I was in a shirt and suit pants so I was smartly dressed and there was people in that shop who smelt or dressed scruffy and she was fixed on staring at me as I walked a little funny, it's shocking how a 40 odd year old is so disrespectful and makes people feel so upset and uncomfortable.

The other supermarkets I go to don't stare or judge me but ASDA always has one or two members of staff who are really ignorant and treat you like shit! they really do need to be taught how to treat members of the public.

Every single person in this world has a flaw or something they don't like about themselves or feel a little anxious about themselves and nobody should judge people in this society and I feel so strong that people should be treated all the same.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog it might not be the best of writing but I just like writing my feelings and thoughts and thank you so much for taking time to read it.

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